The Wardrobe of Bond – Part 2

by Sheila James

Every girl is crazy about sharp dressed men and Bond actors are no exception.  In part 2 of The Wardrobe of Bond, here are my thoughts on Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig.


Sheila is not a fan of Timmy’s desert attire.

Timothy Dalton’s style seems more casual in his films such as his all navy attire at the Barrelhead bar in “License To Kill.” He does, however, wear a tuxedo in both of his films and a well tailored grey flannel suit in “The Living Daylights” while watching Kara play cello.  This suit jacket has narrow shoulders and wide lapels.  Mr. Dalton wears a white shirt and a solid navy tie.  The pre-title in TLD opens with a training exercise in Gilbraltar.  Bond and other agents wear black skydiving jumpsuits and commando boots with a black crew neck T-shirt.  Dark colors compliment Timothy very well and I prefer him in a black tuxedo instead of the morning suit he wears at the beginning of “License To Kill.” In his two films the look that I find least desirable is his attire in the desert at the end of “The Living Daylights.” Needless, to say Mr. Dalton won’t illicit a wolf-whistle with this outfit.  I realize the desert setting calls for Bond to be covered to protect him from the elements but it hides his face.  The look that leaves me asking “Won’t you join me?” is the commando attire from the pre-title.  Margo and I know a real man when we see one.

“It’s all so boring here, Margo – there’s nothing but playboys and tennis pros. [sighs] If only I could find a real man.”
” I think you’re a sexist, misogynist dinosaur.”

Pierce Brosnan, star of four Bond films was one of the most handsome to star in the role.  Like Timothy, Pierce looks great in dark colors.  In “Goldeneye”, he wears a Prince of Wales check suit in M’s office.  The accompanying shirt is made by Sulka and has a moderate spread collar and double cuffs.  Dapper indeed.  Moneypenny may have been out on a date with another gentleman but she likes what she sees. Also in “Goldeneye”, Pierce wears a Brioni three-piece suit. Although it appears solid navy from a distance, it is actually a navy birdseye weave. A similar suit is worn in “Tomorrow Never Dies” both designed by Lindy Hemming.  Looking the part of James Bond, Mr. Brosnan and a tuxedo go together like the phrase “Shaken and Not Stirred”.   The black tuxedo he wear’s at the casino in “Goldeneye” is made in black wool with black satin shawl lapels. It is Pierce in this tuxedo that makes my heart pound as much as the next girl.

Daniel Craig, the current James Bond has classic style wardrobe moments,  In “Casino Royale,” he gives women everywhere two standout moments.  In a nod to Ursula Andress from “Dr. No”, Daniel wades in the ocean in swim trunks made by La Perla.  The “Bond Lifestyle” site mentions that La Perla is known for their “sophisticated and expensive lingerie”.  Was it the trunks or the man in them that had me raising an eyebrow in the theater.  Thanks for showing up to work that day Mr. Craig. It another another assignment I’ll be glad to research.

Suffice it to say the ladies in the theaters were not looking for shells in this scene either.


Another memorable scene from the film “Casino Royale” is Bond getting dressed with the tuxedo handed to him by Vesper.  She says “There are dinner jackets and then there are dinner jackets.  This is the latter”.  It is another catch my breath moment. The Brioni jacket has a one button front closure, gross grain silk trimmed peak lapels, jetted pockets and no vents.  Mr. Craig does not wear a cummerbund or waist coat to give the outfit a more modern look and to show off his physique.

“There are dinner jackets and dinner jackets. This is the latter.”


In Spectre, at the funeral scene, Daniel wears a black double breasted bridge coat. The coat by Tom Ford is made from a brushed wood.  Daniel also wears Tom Ford Snowden sunglasses in the color of “Havana”.  He’s the coolest insurance salesman I’ve ever seen.

Bond at Sciarra’s funeral in Spectre

My least favorite of Daniel’s looks is the jacket worn at the finale of Skyfall” but in reading about the wardrobe I’ve learned that a Barbour jacket not only keeps you warm it is just the thing you wear at a Scottish estate.  From Daniel’s four films the look that leaves me saying “I sized you up from the moment we met” is the tuxedo from “Casnio Royale”.

Sheila’s least favorite look for Daniel.
“Does it look like I give a damn?”


article by Sheila James

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