Time to get your questions in for the upcoming MI6 Mailbag episode!

Dear Listeners,

Is there anything about Bond that you’ve been itching to get off your chest? Perhaps there’s something about 007 that’s left you scratching your head or something you noticed that no one else has? Do you have a question about Bond that can start a lively debate or get the creative juices flowing? If so, we want to hear from you!

Please submit your questions to us by lunchtime GMT on Friday 15th. If you want to leave your question as a voicemail you can leave us a voice message on the homepage of the website or you can message us on this thread or via the JBR Facebook page.

We’re now running a ‘Question of the Day’ for the best question submitted, so be sure it’s a cracker! 🙂


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  1. You know the game Shag, Marry, Kill? So I have two questions. A) which Bond girls would you pick? and b) if you were batting for the other team, which Bond would you pick for the three catergories?… 😉

  2. What kind James Bond TV series TV spin off would you like to see? MI6 The Office, The Moneypenny diaries, adventures of Q-Lab. Also, Alton Towers or Thopre Park? Which park do you guys choose?

    1. If you mean MI6 done like The Office, I think that’d be cool. Not the American “Office”, but the original one. That had a nice mix of pathos along with the humor.

  3. Hey guys, not sure if this has already been discussed but was always wondering why Oddjob didn’t kill Bond in the hotel room before covering Jill Masterton in gold paint. Thx.

    Shameer Ravji,
    Reporting from Station C (Canada)

  4. Hey guys,

    You’ve talked a lot about how Pierce, as the most recent ex-Bond, has been getting a lot of flak nowadays, as Tim did during Pierce’s tenure, and perhaps Roger during Tim’s.

    Full disclosure, I’m one of the guys who doesn’t really like Pierce or his movies, and didn’t really like them at the time. I wish I did, because then I’d have four more Bond movies, but I can’t get into it. Without being too negative about all my reasons for it, I think a big issue is that his era kind of exists in no-mans-land. Before it you have a six year break, and after it you have a four year break and a reboot. There’s nothing else like that in the series. His four films really feel totally disconnected from the rest of the series, at least for me.

    Of course, my feelings about his movies might affect that, but I wonder how, as presumably bigger fans of Pierce, you feel about this. Do his movies kind of seem a bit removed from the first 16, where Cubby was always around, and Maurice Binder and John Barry and guys like that were usually around? Does Goldeneye really feel like “the one after Licence to Kill”, or–and I think I know the answer to this one–does Die Another Day really feel like the one before Casino Royale?

    Though I don’t much like those four movies, I do think it’s a bit unfortunate that Pierce’s run is likely to end up being remembered as “those ones they did in the 1990s” that don’t really fit in with the others. Your thoughts?

    Anyway, keep up the great work!
    Brett from Hamburg

    1. By the way, I tried to do a voicemail, but couldn’t figure out how to “allow” the mic on my phone the way I can on the PC.

  5. Just seen stingray_travel’s post there and relised thatI’ve asked more or less the same question!

  6. Also what is your favourite Bond suit/ outfit of all time? Mine is the grey three piece from Goldfinger, when he arrives at Goldfinger’s stud farm. Cool as f***

  7. Hey fellas,
    If you had the ability to remove one film from the Bond Canon, or change one aspect of a film, what would you change? Remember, the effects of you changing something in the Canon would affect the rest of the series, for example, if you were to remove Die Another Day from existence, we might not receive Casino Royale. You could also add an extra film, for example an extra Lazenby, or you could even make Sir Roge’ look a bit younger in A View To A Kill; you can change ANYTHING. Thanks guys

  8. Hi Tom and Chris it’s James Drennan from station U Ulster. I have a couple of questions. First have you ever listened to the BBC James Bond radio drama’s with Toby Stephens as Bond? They have done diamonds are forever,from Russia,Dr no , Maggie’s secret service and Goldfinger. They are a mix of the book’s and the flims and only last an hour and a half and the best bit is they are all on youtube. I think there great and I would definitely love to hear your thoughts on them even if you combined all of them into one episode of JBR. My next question is do you think bond will ever come to the emerald isle ?Of course not as the main location but more along the lines of Scotland in spy or the world is not enough. What’s your thought? My final point is to Tom . You have to admit that Rosamund Pike is the best part of die another day i wish so much that she was the main bond girl and not halle berry. Also I think she would
    made an amazing Moneypenny. Come on tom she is beautiful. Love the show keep all the great podcasts coming i can’t wait till you get to timmy boy. All the best james. Crap iam a bit late sorry.

    1. Hi James as an English agent working at Station U, I’d love to see James Bond come to Ireland. Perhaps M’s back story could be used to bring him over here (or maybe that would be a bit too ‘real world’). At least we have plenty of former starts coming over her in Game of Thrones!
      Also agree with you about Rosmund Pike 🙂

  9. Hello sirs.

    How do you think ´Goldeneye´would have been had it stared Timothy Dalton?

    Perhaps he mightn´t have been as alluring in the car chase with Xenia, but I think he could have brought more meat to the scenes with Trevelyan.

    What do you think?

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