Time to get your vote in for James Bond Celebratory Death Match semi final part I

James Bond Radio Celebrity Death Match Semi Final Part I. The mother of all questions… who would win in a battle between Oddjob and Jaws??? Only one vote per person… JBR couldn’t decide on an answer so we need your help to decide for us!!

Click on the link below and get your votes in! The poll closes on Tuesday 16th.


The votes are so close right now so be sure to have your say before it’s too late!

Cheers everyone,


4 Responses

  1. Aaaarah! Oddjob has that hat….but I if Jaws gets his dentures close enough…but Oddjob knows martial arts….!?

  2. Jaws. I’ll explain why.

    Firstly, I’ve tried to seperate the characters from the film(s) they appeared in. Goldfinger was (relatively speaking) one of the more serious of the films, meaning that the comedy moments Jaws had in his two films put him at a disadvantage compared to Oddjob. I considered both characters as if they were in a serious confrontation, rather than the sort that we would expect them to be in on the basis of what we saw on screen.

    Next, I considered physical prowess. Jaws is taller, probably stronger, and seemingly indestructible. He seems to be more than an average human in many ways. Oddjob is a commanding physical presence, but seems to be a normal human who has made himself immensely strong and good at physical combat. Is that enough to compete with the seemingly superhuman Jaws? I think not.

    Also to consider is the thorny issue of intelligence. While there’s nothing to suggest Oddjob is thick, he does seem to be slavishly and illogically loyal to his master. Jaws however seems to be a mercenary for hire, suggesting a tendency to re-think his options where necessary. The end of Moonraker where he chooses to defy Drax and do what he feels better for himself bears this out. Oddjob seems very inflexible in his thinking so, while he may be an efficient opponent, he may have a tendency to stick to a plan, even when it’s failing.

    Also, Jaws seems oddly good at hiding himself – in trains and planes he has the element of surprise on his opponents. Oddjob doesn’t seem to be skilled in this way.

    So while Jaws may be more lumbering in his movements, he seems to me to be the sort of immovable object that even Oddjob would struggle against.

  3. Oddjob! He can crush a golfball in his hand. Come on what can Jaws really do? I mean all we ever saw was him slooooooowly open that yapper of his and then the camera cuts away. Maybe all of his victims just fainted at the idea.

    In a similar situation Jaws would slooooowly reveal his shiny metal grill. Odd job would smile. Knock his metal dentures out of his oversized cranium with a flick of his hat.

    Now it’s a one on one battle between an Olympic weight lifter that dabbled as a professional wrestler versus a toothless giant with a penchant for underage girls.

    Oddjob crushes Gums like a Slazenger 7

  4. Oddjob has the wrestling and martial arts skills, and is strong enough to crush a golfball with one hand, but he was killed by electricity. Jaws seemed to survive electrocution a couple times in TSWLM, (lamp, and power lines outside train track) I’ll go out on a limb and say Jaws may be stronger. He stopped a gondola lift with his bare hands, and bit though a steel cable. Close, but I think I’m going with Jaws.

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