Who wants to be on the next JBR Anniversary fan-cast episode?

A big hello to the JBR family… we have some very exciting news for you all!
With our 4th Anniversary just around the corner, we’re now putting the shout out to anyone interested in being interviewed for our yearly fan-cast episode.
As with previous years, we’ll be interviewing 6 lucky members of the JBR family to hear all about how they got into Bond and what they love so much about the series. If you’re interested in taking part, please leave a comment below with your full name and where you’re from. The 6 names will then be drawn out of a hat on Friday 19th January.
Please note that the interviews will be recorded via Skype on the weekend of the 27th / 28th January, so only put your name in the hat if you know you’re available sometime that weekend.
The release date for the 4th Anniversary fan-cast episode will be Friday 9th February.
Good luck to everyone taking part! 🙂

80 Responses

  1. I would relish an opportunity to be a guest on the podcast. Roy Ludwick, Oaklyn NJ- a brother from Langley 😉

  2. I would love to participate as well! Dennis James Hardin from the Adirondack region of New York State!

  3. Sheila James, USA, Still currently on Cloud 9 from the hello from George Lazenby. No skype but would have to be done via telephone.

  4. James Crawford-Clark, Yeovil, Somerset, UK. Been listening to JBR since the very beginning and been hoping to be picked for the fan cast episodes since you started doing them. Fingers crossed for this year!

  5. The name is Fleisher. Elan Fleisher. 57yo male, American, living in Berlin, Germany. I’d enjoy discussing the origins of my Bond fandom, my first foray at age 5 in 1965 in a dark cinema to see ‘Goldfinger’ and how nothing would be the same for me afterward.

  6. Brandon Lipsky, New York USA. I promise I’ll continue to be a loyal fan even if you don’t choose me for the show!

  7. Would love the opportunity to chat with you guys, share my 007 experiences and maybe even get a chance to do my Roger and Pierce impersonations!
    Dundee, Scotland

  8. Clark Hickman, Kansas City, Missouri
    I listen to you guys constantly! Can’t wait for the next podcast!

  9. Jamie Mitchell an Englishman in Sweden. I would love to have a chit-chat about all things Bond. I discovered your podcast a year and half back. I love it and all you guys do to create a Bond community.

    1. Hi Ellen, congrats on being selected for our 4th Anniversary fancast episode. Are you free to record this coming weekend? We can do either 12pm to 12:45pm your time on Saturday 27th or 12pm to 12:45pm on Sunday 28th. Do you have any preference? Also, do you have a Skype account name? Thanks 🙂

  10. Duncan Eastwood, Auckland, New Zealand.
    Like Red Grant – I’ve been following you guys from the beginning without you realising. Would love to chat – old man…

  11. Please add my name to the hat. Tim Browne, Hornchurch in Essex. UK.
    I was involved in putting up the Blue Plaque to Ian Fleming in Ebury Street in 1996.
    In 1997 I was invited by the Ian Fleming Foundation to help archive Ian Fleming’s original papers at Glidrose.
    In 1998 I blagged my way into Goldeneye in Jamaica and ended up watching the World Cup Football Final in Ian Fleming’s garage which had been converted into a cinema room.
    I have the largest collection of Bond music, vinyl, compilation albums etc.

  12. I can only do the morning of the 27th, but if that’s good I put my razor brimmed hat in the ring.

    Stuart Webb from the UK.

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