Who Wants To Be On The Show For JBR’s 3rd Birthday?

James Bond Radio is 003 years old!

It’s been another incredible year at JBR. From our dream come true moment interviewing Sir Roger Moore, to getting the chance to talk to Madeline Smith, Alan Tomkins and Peter Lamont. It’s been amazing to get the “inside-Bond” stories right from the people who were there on set.
Also, it’s been amazing watching the JBR family grow into different parts of the world with meet ups, Bond events and of course our new JBR compadres: Dan Gale, Warren Ringham and John Williams. We salute each and every one of you.

To celebrate the year 3 milestone we thought it would be a good idea to continue our birthday tradition and give back to our awesome band of listeners. Once again we’d like to invite you on the show with a special 3rd birthday ‘Fancast.’ That means you get your very own 20 minute segment to talk all about what Bond means to you. Whether you want to do our patented 007 Quickfire Questions, or if there’s a specific topic you want to discuss, we’re all ears.

We only have space for 5 interview spots, so here’s what we’re going to do:

We’d like to ask everyone who wants to come on the show to leave a comment below (on this page, not on Facebook). Once again we’ll put all the names into a hat and the first 5 names we draw will be invited on to the show.

Here’s what you need to qualify:

1. You must be a James Bond fan and a regular listener to James Bond Radio 😉
2. You must have Skype and a decent internet connection or a landline telephone
3. You must be available on the weekend of February 18th/19th
4. You must have the ability to talk about Bond for 20 minutes.

That’s all there is to it folks! If you want to get involved, just leave a comment below and we’ll hopefully talk to you soon!


65 Responses

  1. Hi chaps;

    I would like to throw my (pirate at the moment) hat into the ring. Talking about Bond for twenty minutes wouldn’t be a problem. Getting me to shut up might be.

  2. I drew the Sean Connery, and wrote/drew the Roger Moore & Timothy Dalton issues of Personality Comics’ Secret Agents mini series back in 1991 so, I think that qualifies me as a fan. 😉

  3. Yes, please! Listening through almost 3 years of JBR podcast in 6 months qualifies as both listener and James Bond fan I believe. Would love to be on the show!

  4. 1. I’ve seen all the films between four and 30 times. And heard all the podcasts too. (Most of the review shows more than once…)
    2. Good internet
    3. I am free that weekend, and if a loved one winds up in hospital on one of those days, well, surely I don’t need to be there the WHOLE time.
    4. If I focus really, really hard, I think I could keep it down to 20 minutes. 🙂

    So put me in the hat! (Real name is Brett Vanderburg)

  5. Yes Please! I’m very keen. It would be an absolute dream come true to be picked out of the hat, hopefully it’s Chris’ sombero.

  6. It would be an honor and a pleasure to talk to you both about the Spectacular 3 years plus job that you have been doing! Keep up the great work! Yours, Ed Perry III

  7. Gents, it would be honour to celebrate your (our?) 3rd Birthday with you. I’d certainly be up for it! Either way have a great one and keep up the fantastic work!

  8. I would love to droll on with my impressive knowledge of Faberge eggs but of course I would not exasperate listeners with just the one topic I could move on from there to caviar and geology…..okay only half kidding but indeed I really think 20 minutes goes by so faaaaast itd be great to win. Its awesomeness…great contest!!

  9. I love both the books and the movies but I think it’d really interesting to pick apart Bond ‘the brand’ versus Bond ‘the character.’ For example, in the books Bond’s tastes were strictly what the author thought best fit the character (coloured by Fleming’s own preferences, perhaps) but in the movies Bond wears Tom Ford suits because Tom Ford was the highest bidder.

    Also, in the books his character could be a lot darker with more unsavory views whereas that sort of complexity is a risky gamble in a movie that costs millions to produce. In the books Bond is a man of dubious morals unafraid to get his hands dirty, but in the films he is often portrayed as a knight in shining armour.

    I would love to have a nice long (20 minute) chat about the challenges with adapting the sexist, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, chauvinist from the books into a PG-13 movie where he’s a walking brand hawking Omega Watches and Coke Zero. 😀

  10. Hey guys, i’d love the chance to chat with you both about bond, I’ve been a listener since the start and it’s time that I opened the bond valve and let out some of the bondage I’ve got up there! Thanks!

    Chris McCourt

  11. I’d have a great time on your show fellas I enjoy reading the books and my favourite bonds are Moore and Dalton. I also enjoy visiting locations where the films were made! It’d be a great discussion lads! Your podcasts are good! Keep up the good work fellas!

  12. I absolutely demand to be on the show! In the “Year of Tim” only I can fight the battle to stop him from being Tom Sears “least favourite Bond”!
    [Accepts mission and walks confidently out of office holding brown manila folder]

  13. I would love a chance to talk to you guys, I was late to the JBR party but thanks to my brother Mark mentioning a guy called Chris that did a James Bond podcast at work, I started listening and have pretty much caught up. I’ve had a chance to chat to Mark O’Connell and I recently went on a James Bond walking tour in London.

  14. Come on Guys! I’ve been to Goldeneye, sat in the great man’s chair, and I can bore the tits off you talking about Bond. Hmmm! might need to re-phrase that! Love ya!

  15. Just popping in to wish luck to all the applying contestants!

    Signed: Ralf, Proud interviewee of the First JBR Anniversary Fancast 😀

  16. If I haven’t bored you with all my writings about having worked as an extra in Spectre, this could be fun.

  17. I’d love to be on the show! I could tell you about my trivia team, James Bondage. Love the show, keep up the great work!

  18. I would love to talk about “Bond: The Psychopath…..”

    The recklessness, the casual charm, the promiscuity, the alcoholism…

    He’s disturbed, damaged and desensitised. But then again, he has killed around 400 people in his career. How would you put that in a job description?

    The lack of any long term goals… He’s being doing the same job for over half a century…

    No empathy or remorse or guilt, just an utterly single minded devotion to the mission

    Her Majesty’s very own “Mad Dog”…. Just be very glad he is on our side…. !!

  19. Definitely keen, been listening since the Battle for Bond back a few years now

    Cheers, Josh Goener

  20. Right, I’m it’s my mission to one day make it one JBR and hopefully it will be this time!! One way or another I’ll make it on the podcast and voice my love for Sir Roger!! I hope you have a wonderful day boys and keep the British end up!!

  21. Sadly I won’t be around to join you, but at least I’ll see it or listen to the poscast! Many Congratulations Tom & Chris 😊 00Heaven is never far away when you got JBR!

  22. I would certainly like the opportunity to be interviewed on the programme! I’ve been a Bond fan most of my life, & can easily, I think, fill 20 mins. . .

  23. Would love it. Could easily talk for 20 minutes on any Bond topic you’d like. Love the show by the way. Best Bond podcast by far. Although, those quizzes have been quite humbling. Keep up the great work.

  24. If I don’t get to be on James Bond Radio I’ll kill myself! Okay maybe not…but it worked for Mie Hama in You Only Live Twice…

  25. Hi, I’m 38 years old(39 on 9th Feb, yikes) and I’ve been a Bond fan since I was 10. I can still remember the Eureka moment when Bondage became important to me. (That sounded better in my head). I have been one of your loyal subjects since podcast number 1 and would love to join you guys for your birthday.

  26. I’ve been waiting for the countdown to reach 007 before throwing my hat onto the hatstand – but simply couldn’t wait that long. Keep up the good work guys!

  27. Hey guys. So I’m a new listener but am a mad keen Bond fan. University Dissertation on “The Geography of James Bond” c1999 which is now being taught to students. Favourite Bond is namesake – Sir Rog.

  28. Love to talk Bond with y’all. I’d maybe talk about becoming a Bond fan watching butchered ABC telecasts of the 1980’s.

  29. Hi My name is Wilfred Picorelli from Puerto Rico i have been a listener since 2015 and a Bond fan since 1981.I hope i can make it to the show.

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