Who wants to be on the JBR 5th Anniversary Fancast Episode?

“This is the big one, 007.”

That’s right folks… 2019 is a belter of a year for Bond anniversaries: OHMSS’s 50th, Moonraker’s 40th, LTK’s 30th, TWINE’s 20th, and, most importantly 😉, it is, of course, JBR’s 5th anniversary!

We are planning on celebrating in serious style and have some very exciting news for you all. We are now doubling up on our listener interviews for the fancast episode!

Not only will we be interviewing 6 lucky listeners with our quickfire questions to discover how they got into Bond and what they love so much about the series, in addition, our very own musical aficionado, JW – Mr John Williams, will also be chatting to 6 members of the JBR family, discussing their thoughts all about the music of Bond. This year you get 2 anniversary fancast episodes for the price of one – or technically none, as they’re both free! 😊

Any previous interviewees for the fancast episodes can still put their names forward for the Music of Bond interviews and anyone who has yet to appear on the show can put their names forward for both episodes – although, in the unlikely event of the same name being drawn twice, only an interview for one episode will take place.

If you’re interested in taking part, all you need to do is leave a comment below with your FULL NAME, where you’re from and whether you’d like to be considered for the 5th anniversary fancast and/or the Music of Bond interview episodes. The 6 names for the JBR fancast episode will be drawn out of a hat on Friday 25th January, the 6 names for the Music of Bond fancast will be drawn out of a hat on Saturday 26th January.

Please note that all interviews will be recorded via Skype, with the fancast interviews taking place on the weekend of 2nd / 3rd February between the hours of 8am and 2pm GMT, so please only include your name if you’re available during this time. Exact times tbc. The Music of Bond interview dates are taking place on the weekend of the 9th/10th February.

The release date for the 5th anniversary fancast episode will be Friday 8th February with the release of the Music of Bond fancast episode on Friday 15th February.

Good luck to everyone taking part! 😊

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