Who Wants To Be On The Show For JBR’s 2nd Birthday?

James Bond Radio is two years old!

It’s been another fantastic year for James Bond Radio. We’re almost 100 episodes into a journey that’s taken us to places we never even dreamed of. From interviewing legendary on-screen alumni like Bruce Glover, Caroline Munro and Martine Beswick to being featured in The Times, Variety.com and TalkSport to getting a shout out from Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2.  Not only that, we were lucky enough to score the ultimate golden ticket to the SPECTRE royal premiere (thank you, Rory)! It’s been a great second year for JBR.

To celebrate the year 2 milestone we thought it would be a good idea to continue the tradition set last year and give back to our humble band of listeners. Once again we’d like to invite you on the show with a special 2nd birthday ‘Fancast’ with your very own 20 minute segment to talk all about what Bond means to you. Whether you want to do our patented 007 Quickfire Questions, or if there’s a specific topic you want to discuss, we’re all ears.

We only have space for 5 interview spots, so here’s what we’re going to do:

We’d like to ask everyone who’d like to come on the show to leave a comment below (on this page, not on Facebook). Once again we’ll put all the names into a hat and the first 5 names we draw will be invited on to the show.

Here’s what you need to qualify:

1. You must be a James Bond fan and a regular listener to James Bond Radio 😉
2. You must have Skype and a decent internet connection or a landline telephone
3. The ability to talk about Bond for 20 minutes.

That’s all there is to guys! If you want to get involved, just leave a comment below and we’ll hopefully talk to you soon!

***Entry has now closed***

Winners Announced:

79 Responses

  1. I’d love to be involved, especially to talk about my appreciation for and the impact of the original novels. Or really just about anything.

  2. Definitely count me in, me n the boys are working our way through a bond marathon, Up to Thunderball so far 🙂

  3. Hi guys, would love to be on the show and have been a listener since way back on episode 2. Keep up the great work!

  4. James from @jamesbond_downunder (Instagram and Facebook) here, would love to do the quick fire questions segment, great podcast guys, you and Marcos from James Bond Brasil inspired me to start up my Fanpage on Instagram and it’s gone well thus far, even scoring an invite from Sony to the Aussie Spectre Premiere only a few weeks in the fan pages inception

  5. Hey guys,

    Long time listener and Bond fan. Plenty to discuss and was thinking a fun topic would be the errors of Bond. Meaning, the mistakes made by background extras, characters, editing, dialogue, etc.

    Fun stuff — In fact, I would love to hear a whole episode from you guys about the Bloopers of Bond. Regardless of topic, I would love the chance to be on the show!


  6. I’d be delighted to appear guys. Worked my way through all but the Boxing Day quiz (saving it for a day I can properly take the time to test myself) and I run my own few podcasts so I’ve got a decent mic & the time to chat. Let me know if I make the cut 🙂

  7. Howdy chaps, I’d love to join in, might be interesting to talk about the lengths I’ve gone to over the past year to see every Bond film at the cinema (which includes meeting Sir Rog of course).

  8. I’m guessing double participation is ruled out, so instead of taking place this year I’d like to wish everyone luck in getting a spot on this extremely prestigious show! 🙂

  9. That all sounds lovely 🙂 I love just about everything about the Bonds’ss’s’, from the fashion over the years to (being a photographer) the way they’re shot, and everything in between!

  10. Would love to come on the show and answer the quick fire questions. I also have a discussion point involving Timmy D

  11. Would absolutely love to chaps. Happy to discuss anything. You can expect me to talk (for at least twenty minutes!)

  12. I would be delighted to have my name in the hat! I’m at the point where I’m trying to get my kids into Bond…

  13. Six weeks ago, while working on my motorcycle, this grungy, homeless mutt-dog wandered under my garage door and sat down and proceeded to look at me for the next 8 hours. Never owned a dog before and wasn’t looking to either but… I fell in love! She’s asleep at my feet as I type.

    I named her Moneypenny.
    (And gave her a bath)

  14. Would love to appear on the show and chat a little bond. After all i am sat here in a sunspel shirt eating bonds favourite breakfast. Would be great to do the quickfire questions.

  15. Id be very up for that guys. I could talk about bond all day long lol can talk about films and my collection in detail. Maybe even my film im making forgotten past.

    Let me know guys

  16. Hey fellas, count me in. I’ve been a Bond fan for nearly 17 years and I’ve got loads to talk about my favourite film series ever! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed. When are you letting people know if they’ve been successful?

  17. “With pleasure M, with pleasure.”

    I would love to chat with you guys. I’ve been watching Bond for over 20 years and still can’t get enough of it. I even had the Bond theme as my entrance at my wedding one week ago. : )


    Brian Thomas

  18. I would be thrilled! I hosted a series in Brooklyn called “From Brooklyn With Love” where I’d talk about Bond for an hour a night. I would consider myself up to the task. I I like to say I have the charm of Elliot Carver mixed with the conversational acuity of Odd Job. 😉

  19. I would LOVE to be on your show! The only podcast I listen to is you guys! I would love to show you guys around my James Bond FanCave!

  20. Hey there, count me in! It would be an honor to speak with you gents about everything Bond! Have listened to you guys since the early episodes.

  21. I’d be interested! Love the show and I’ve been a huge Bond fan my entire life. I also read the news on air for a local radio station, so I’m no stranger to radio.

  22. Would love to be part of this show and talk bond with you and everything die another day ;-), also been listening to you guys since you started over two years ago.

  23. Greetings gentlemen! I would love to talk about all things Bond with you because you guys love ALL versions of Bond, literary and cinematic, all are equal in your eyes and that is the best that fandom has to offer.

    Best wishes!

  24. Oh man, I would love to do this. I’ve been listening for the last year. A huge 007 fan since I was 14. I also am the writer for the new James Bond World of Espionage mobile game. And a podcaster of my own.
    I’d love to come on and talk about the various rare and unknown games, stories and comics hidden in the deeper folds of the James Bond canon.

  25. Would love to love to join the show guys. Judging by the numbers here, I the chaces are against me but glad the show is doing well. Keep up the good work lads!

  26. Hi Tom and Chris, Would love to be on the show, but don’t know if I have listen to enough episodes to qualify. I only found your podcast after reading about you in a Variety article week or so before the Spectre North American release. So after listening to the podcast for 2 months, I am only on #48 of 93

  27. I’d love to be one of the lucky five, and I meet the requirements! Might as well sign off with my real name, since my account is with a nickname….

    Brett Vanderburg

  28. I’d certainly like another shot, but equally happy for newer members to have their say too. I’ve been with JBR since episode 001, and trust me, nobody does it better. Best of luck to all entrants!

  29. To be a part of a James Bond Radio episode would be shocking! Positively shocking! Love the podcast. Keep up the great work, fellas.

  30. HI tom & chris, Thanks for inviting me to participate on the show. it would be my honor, being a regular listener. my problem is my skype Connection to England is not very reliable. But anythings possible. probably if i’ AM lucky to be picked for the show. there might not be any technical problems that day. However James Bond Radio has grown from strength to strength. there’s Been some very interesting Celebrity Guests leading-up to the release of ”SPECTRE” My congratulations to you Both Tom & Chris the Butch cassidy & the Sundance kid of our times keep up the Good work guys.

  31. Hello fellas,
    Happy Anniversary, after 2 years most podcasts seem to fade away, but JBR is going strong! Looking forward to the next podcast, good luck to all in the running to appear as a guest.

  32. The ability to discuss Bond for at least 20 minutes? Piece of cake. I’m a published author on the subject. Consider my hat thrown in the ring.

  33. I’ve been a huge fan of Bond ever since I was 12, and after discovering your show a little over a year ago I was pleased to find a podcast led by such hardcore fans as yourselves. I’m a huge fan of your show, and it would incredibly awesome to be a guest on it!

  34. Would absolutely love the chance to talk to you guys about everything Bond!
    I have listened to you guys every day on the way to work and have always enjoyed the interview specials you do with fans and such like.

    Thanks for giving us Bond fans the opportunity.

  35. I’d really love to be on the podcast, but I am pretty sure my internet connection isn’t up to par. It would be a blurry interview that’s for sure… Been a fan of James Bond since around 1990, when I was about 14, and I could easily chat about Bond for at least 20 minutes. So if there’s ever a chance later on, I would gladly appear, but for now I would have to settle with posting a voicemail or an email. Oh, and I’ve been a manic fan of JBR since this last summer, catching up with all the episodes (about 5 a week…)

  36. Love to chat with you guys, especially about spectre, its pretty cool to know that Spectre the first time I didnt know what to make of it, then the second time, I Liked it better and understood everything much more such as the motive of the villian. Hopefully Franz Oberhauser comes back! Or Ernest Stravo Blofeld, One thing I have to ask the JBR community is, Was Christoph Waltz character a Gestapo Officer since he Killed Hanz Oberhauser and his son Franz, I mean in the short Octopussy story its a gestapo Officer that kills him, What do you reckon?

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